Property Searches

East Kent Property Searches offers a full range of searches for residential and commercial customers, from local authority to environmental, drainage & water, coal / mining, chancel and plan search.

Regulated Local Authority Search

Many Local Authorities throughout England and Wales can take six weeks or more to deliver a search, particularly during the busy times of the year. East Kent Property Searches can provide a professional and reliable alternative.

A Regulated Local Authority Search (formally known as ‘Personal Local Authority Search’) is available for any property or site in the UK.

Each Regulated Local Authority Search Report is Search Code compliant and reports on matters in-line with the current (2007 edition) CON29 standard.

Our Local Authority searches can often be performed more quickly than the standard times quoted by most local authorities and at less cost than the Local Authorities.

These cost savings do not, however, compromise the quality and efficiency of any aspect of our service.

The report will include the following:

  • All Local Land charges entries
  • All Planning decisions and pending decisions
  • All Building Regulation decisions are at the discretion of the individual local authorities. When made available, we will include as part of the search results
  • Planning Designations and Proposals up to a radius of 200m
  • Road adoption status • Highway Schemes
  • Traffic Schemes
  • And all other schemes and notices

These results are normally delivered within 3-5 working days. Searches can be ordered quickly and efficiently by fax, post, e-mail or on-line and our reports delivered by email, post or fax.

Using East Kent Property Searches also helps you comply with regulations such as the Council of Mortgage Lenders requirements and the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme protocols.

Each report is covered by £2 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Monthly account facilities

Reduce your administration - just one monthly statement for your search fees.

Residential & Commercial Coal Authority Reports

A new Search, updated in October 2006, checks if a property is affected by coal mining or brine extraction; it also now includes additional coal mining related questions about mine gas and emergency call-out hazards.

A Coal Mining Report enables you to determine whether a property has been subjectto any coal mining related issues in the past.

Coal Mining Reports on residential and commercial properties or sites are provided by the Coal Authority.

Residential & Commercial Drainage and Water Report

We obtain the relevant reports from the Water Company responsible.

The CON29DW Drainage & Water report is a fully comprehensive report that reveals all the essential water and sewer information surrounding your client's property.

Residential & Commercial Environmental Report

For environmental and land use benchmarking of suspected low risk commercial sites, Envirosearch provides information and a summary map relating to Current Land Use, Historical Land Use and Sensitivity, relating to key 'source-pathway-receptor' linkages within 250m of the subject site's boundary.

Residential Plansearch Reports

Plansearch, the UK's leading planning report, is available through Homecheck Professional. Plansearch covers planning applications for a radius of 250m from the property. This means that information which could have a major impact on the enjoyment and value of a home is revealed to the potential home-buyer.

Commercial Property Report (with or without Risk Assessment)

Sitecheck is a detailed environmental search for commercial properties that provides commercial conveyancers and property professionals with essential environmental risk information. It includes the professional opinion of a Chartered Environmental Surveyor that comments on the impact of land contamination on property value.

Company Searches Limited Company Reports

Registered Office (faxed within the hour) Confirmation of company number, registered office, change of name, company status (dissolved, in liquidation or iin process of going into receivership action against the company or one or more of its properties), activity of comapny, date of incorporation, registered mortgages, nature of business (SIC code), dates of last filed accounts and annual return.

Full Search As registered office report + directors and secretary, all unsatisfied mortgage charges, shareholders, share capital, liquidation details (if any).

Full Search + Accounts As full search + copy of latest accounts.

Chancel Repairs Search

If a property is near a church, or is on land formerly owned by some of the older universities, there may be an obligation to contribute towards repairs to the chancel of the local parish church. This was laid down in the Chancel Repairs Act 1932. Such liability is enforceable in the County Court, and can apply to properties falling within a Church of England parish which has a vicar or had a vicarage and has a church dating from the medieval period or earlier.

It is possible to establish whether such an obligation exists by conducting a Chancel Repair Search.

Liability for repair

Due to the recent House of Lords decision in the case of Aston Cantlow PCC v Wallbank [2003] and the effect of the Land Registration Act 2002, it is not surprising that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Chancel Repair Searches being carried out. Solicitors now don't have to become involved with Ecclesiastical Law to fully appreciated the full implications of such a search.

The benefit of such a search is that Solicitors will at least have the opportunity to insure their client against an involuntary contribution to the church unless solicitors would like to try their chances arguing breach of the Human Rights Act.

However please note:

  1. Not all land in England is covered by the registers.
  2. A Land Registry Plan is particularly helpful but it is sometimes impossible to match a plot on a modern map to a description or map of land in the records. This means it is not always possible to work out the exact proportion of liability attaching to a particular modern plot. Some of the old tithe maps no longer exist.


ChancelCheck® is an online, low cost screening report designed to inform conveyancers and their clients of a potential chancel repair liability.

Chancel repair liability is a real and continuing problem with a direct financial impact on the title held by a Homebuyer. Current chancel repair searches are costly, often inconclusive and, where a liability is discovered, exacerbate the problem by dramatically increasing the cost of insurance.

ChancelCheck® is the only service which combines historical tithe district and parish boundary data, modern Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping techniques and information derived from the relevant Inland Revenue Indices held by the National Archive. ChancelCheck® accurately establishes whether or not a property is within an historical tithe district that still retains the potential to charge for the cost of repairs to the church chancel as recorded within the relevant Inland Revenue Indices held by the National Archive and in accordance with their Guidance Notes.

ChancelCheck® issues either a Report stating that there is a potential liability within the tithe district within the parish the property is situated or a Certificate confirming that there is no risk identified for that tithe district within the National Archive records.

Currently conveyancers operate under a number of common misconceptions about which properties may be at potential risk of chancel repair liability, such as:

  • that a property must be in a rural location
  • that the liability is in respect of repair costs for the whole church
  • (the chancel is normally less than 20% of the total footprint)
  • that the property has to be adjacent or close by a church.

The fact is that any property within a parish can be at risk.

Commons Registration Search

A search with the County Council to determine whether any of the property you are purchasing is actually common land and is therefore subject to use by others. A commons registration search is usually made on land that has never been built on. It will also show whether the property has rights of grazing over any pieces of common land in the area.