Why East Kent Property Searches?

"...check that a suitable qualified search agent carried out the personal search and that the search insurance policy adequately protects..." CML Handbook

Formed in 2002, EKPS's approach to its clients has seen demand for its services increase rapidly over the years.

All report researchers and compilers are employees (as opposed to self-employed piece-workers). They have successfully completed two months intensive "in-house training, and a further two months supervised reporting in the field.

All at EKPS combine their skills with bespoke software solutions to provide service levels that are second to none.

The majority of our clients have recognised the time and cost savings to be made and now factor our services into their workflow.

Why are we so popular?

We know that the lender is also your client. Whereas your private client may only be concerned with speed and cost, you also have to comply with CML guidelines. We have adopted these guidelines as our benchmark. They are never sacrificed at the altar of commercial expediency.

We believe in specialisation we have specific teams that deal with: Management, Administration, Quality Control, Deliverables, and Marketing/after sales service. We do not expect or allow our employees to be all things to all people!

We work in partnership with our clients. Every firm and fee earner is different. Where possible [unlike some of our competitors] we will try to accommodate idiosyncrasies, to provide a service that suites you the client.

Why are we different?

Our track record, personnel, systems, culture, and unique approach to the industry have given us sufficient confidence, to make formal representations to lenders normally averse to personal searches. The early signs are that they are willing to grant a waiver in so far as our product is concerned. We shall keep you posted.

We agree timetabling with you, and only then work toward implementation. We never make promises we cannot keep.

Environmental Search

As the creation of a contaminated land register draws nearer these searches are proving more popular with the practitioner who is either being properly cautious or buying in an unfamiliar area.

Additionally, these searches will give risk assessments for such matters as flooding, coal mining, and radon emissions. If nothing else, they provide a good indication of what further enquiries ought to be made.

We collected a great deal of feedback from our clients in so far as the usefulness or otherwise of these searches were concerned. We are pleased to inform you that The Homecheck reports now have an "all clear"independent certification from Consultants RPS. This removes the practitioners common problem with environmental searches; namely, that of interpretation without expertise. Now you do not need to disclaim any responsibility, someone else is interpreting and therefore shouldering the burden.

What do I do about non-participating Lenders?

Quite often a personal search is not submitted because your client doesn’t know which lender he will be using, and obviously you do not want to run the risk of having to submit a Con29 late into the transaction. EKPS in partnership with their clients have provided the answer to this problem.

As you will see from the Approved Lenders list, there are only a handful of high street lenders who still refuse to accept personal searches. From our point of view it is a statistical improbability that these lenders will occur in more than a handful of occasions each month. Therefore if you agree to use EKPS on an ‘across the board’ basis, you will benefit as follows: Firstly, you will get a refund on every occasion where you have to supply an additional search (CON 29). Secondly, EKPS will invoice you monthly for the searches you have carried out with us.

Why Use East Kent Property Searches?

We make your business, our business.

East Kent Property Searches takes pride in the quality of service that it offers. We provide a flexible and personal service that is tailored to the needs of your conveyancing system. Let us handle the administrative burden of your searches without incurring the relevant administrative costs.

Here are some of the reasons why more and more solicitors are using our services:

  • One-stop service where, with one email, phone call or fax, you can obtain Personal Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water, Environmental Report, Chancel Check, Mining Report and a whole range of other conveyancing searches. This offers convenience and savings in terms of your administrative time and cost and effectively speeds up your entire conveyancing system.
  • 3-5 days turnaround with expedited searches in urgent cases. We understand that speed is of paramount importance during conveyancing and we always do our utmost best to ensure that you meet your completion deadline. We aim to deliver our personal Local Authority Searches within 3-5 working days and our environmental searches within a few hours. The delivery time for other searches depends on the relevant Authorities but generally takes between 4-10 working days.
  • We aim to offer cheaper fees than official Local Authority postal searches.Our personal Local Authority searches are generally cheaper than the relevant Local Authority fees. This cost savings combined with the speedy turnaround will enhance your competitive advantage in the conveyancing market.
  • Savings in terms of time and administration costs. You do not have to spend all that time shuffling paper and chasing various searches. You can now concentrate on dealing with the needs of your clients and leave the administrative burden to us. This will save you one of the most valuable resources – TIME.
  • £2,000,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance. For your peace of mind, East Kent Property Searches carries two million pounds indemnity insurance. This is our guarantee of a professional service.
  • Account Facility. We offer a monthly account facility. One cheque per month, you only pay for completed searches each month with payment due on 20th day of following month (upto 50 days credit). Not only is this convenient, it helps to save on administrative time and cost.
  • Flexible and personal service. We offer a tailor-made service that mirrors your requirements. As your needs change we endeavour to accommodate these changes. As you strive to meet the urgent needs of your clients we would do that little bit extra to help, for example, providing search results by phone for urgent cases.
  • Searches can be delivered by email or post. You can choose how you want your searches delivered to you. We normally deliver via email to save time.
  • Our search reports are presented in an easy to read format.
  • A friendly service awaits you at all times. We aim to build a long-term relationship and strongly believe that this is better achieved with a professional and friendly attitude.
  • Search Code Subscriber. East Kent Property Searches is a member of the Association of Independent Search Agents (IPSA) and subscribes to its Code of practice. We have a formal written complaints procedure for handling complaints speedily and fairly. Registration with IPSA offers you the customer extra protection.
  • We offer a professional service that is convenient, quicker, better, cheaper and generally more efficient than alternative methods of obtaining search information.

If you have any more questions concerning our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

East Kent Property Searches : Pushing The Extra Mile In Pursuit of Excellence